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Presentations and Press Releases


7 February was the first Future Histories workshop of 2015. The day began with all the groups giving a presentation to the other groups reporting on our plans for the exhibition and our progress to date. As Tazeem was unable to be present, Jen and myself were entrusted with representing the My Community UK group – and we were on first!


Jen had created a Powerpoint presentation with photos and diagrams that we took it in turns to talk about. Most of the content was taken from our previous blog posts. We also described the current status of our plan for an exhibition that will include a physical exhibition of photographs and panels, the banners and music from the Young Roots Group, a podcast to be broadcast on the radio, and a launch event at Central Library that will include a screening of a Bollywood film accompanied by some Asian food.


At lunchtime we had some time to catch up with the other groups over our sandwiches and fruit.


The afternoon session was taken up with a media training workshop led by Trevor Barnes from BBC Radio 4. We learned about what the media consider to be newsworthy. Then we practiced writing press releases and being interviewed about our projects for the radio.


Jen and I spent some time discussing how we expected the spending from our budget for the exhibition to break down. The podcast will have no financial cost, but will take up some time recording and editing. Creating panels, and the food and cost of the film screening event are likely to incur the greatest cost. Before the next workshop we will catch up with Tazeem and create a draft budget.



February 18th, 2015 - 23:13pm

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