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Project team blog for the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

The blog posts listed below are the most recent updates from the project team. please contact if you have any queries.

Will History be Kind to Us?

  As someone who (supposedly) specialises in creative writing, I thought it only fair to volunteer to write this fortnight’s blog. After all, how hard can it be to distil two days’ project-planning at the People’s History museum into a witty, informative, and engaging 500-word account? Well, as I sit here on the train en-route […]


First Impressions

  Just to let everyone know where we are up to…  When introduced to the project I wasn’t sure how much research material would be available—I needn’t have worried! After a quick search of the archival records held in Manchester Central Library, there appears to be a vast array of primary sources relating to Ardwick […]


AHRC Collaborative Skills Training Programme

Public engagement and external partnership building have become an important factor in the career progression of up-and-coming academics; it is now a standard requirement for all researchers to account for the relevance and impact of their research.

All of us are advised to incorporate public engagement and partnership building into the research process from the very conception of a new project; rather than simply integral to the research, public engagement must be constitutive of it, determining its genesis rather than merely accompanying its dissemination.

This new ‘ideal’ research scenario not only raises questions regarding the appropriation of traditional research procedures, but also exposes a huge skills gap concerning effective methodological innovation. Our proposed training aims to fill this gap by equipping PGR/ECRs with ‘hands-on’ research partnership experience regarding the collaborative excavation, representation and recording of our community-based local histories.


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