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Banner-making in Burnage


Tuesday 28 October fell into the schools autumn half term holiday week. Tazeem and the My Community UK team had organised a joint activity at Burnage Community Centre to bring the members of the Young Roots Group together with the women’s group.


Led by Jana who has already been working on an arts project with the young roots group, everyone worked to complete the banner that will be displayed at the Young Roots exhibition and sat 1again when we produce our exhibition for Future Histories in May 2015.


Most of the members of the different groups had not met each other previously, but were soon working together well to finish the individual panels that depict different aspects of life in the 1980s and the 2010s. These include such themes as what people eat, what they wear and the methods of communication that we use now and then. Jana brought a huge case full of scrap fabrics that we were able to sew and glue to the panels.


sat 2


Some of the women were able to join the panels together on the sewing machine to construct the final banner to be revealed at the Young Roots exhibition.



sat 3At lunchtime, the My Community UK team brought in a caterer with some delicious Pakistani food for everyone to share. My favourites were the chicken and rice and the vegetable curry. I was also able to take some interviews from Jen’s questionnaire with some of the women who were confident to speak in English.


After the banner was finished some of the women needed to go home, but for the Young Roots team it was time for them to dress up in their favourite clothes for a fashion shoot with Jana.


sat 4


Since the workshop everyone has been working on individual tasks for the project, so that we can report back to the Group at the next Future Histories workshop which is over two days on 22 and 23 November at the People’s History Museum. I have been in discussion with a mobile film screening company, so that we will be able to show a Bollywood film at the opening event for our exhibition in May. We are all looking forward to our next weekend together at the workshop where we will have sessions on partnership building and project planning – and we will be adding detail to our plans for the exhibition.




November 22nd, 2014 - 09:19am

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